Hi. My name is Andrew Jenkins. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, and I am a passionate conservationist and raptor biologist. I have a background in academia, with research interests that include falcon demography and avian collision ecology, but these days I work as a consulting specialist, striving to minimise the harmful impacts of industrial development on birds. While I am a firm believer in the need to base conservation action on sound science, I am also increasingly struck by the power of stills-photography to cultivate in people a genuine concern for the welfare of the natural environment.

My lifestyle presents many opportunities for me to photograph nature, and quite recently I began taking my camera along wherever I go, hoping to capture some of the beauty and drama of the animals I encounter and the landscapes I see. This blog showcases some of the resulting images, perhaps with a view to taking my amateur interest to another level…

The photographs presented here are of wildlife and landscapes; mostly birds, and mostly in AfricaAll the images are available as higher-res digital files at a reasonable price -please contact me if you are interested. New images will be added to the pages of this blog on a regular basis. Also, brief stories with pics will be posted regularly, as a sort of living, illustrated diary of my ongoing encounters with nature and photography.

Please do not use any of these images without my written permission to do so.


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    1. Thanks for the kind words Andrew. That VE shot was taken at the site in Silvermine, looking down over Hout Bay.

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